Port Morien Development Association

In the year 2000, the Port Morien Development Association was formed for the purpose of developing the village both socially and economically, as well as preserving its heritage.

Since 2000, approximately $750,000 has been invested in the infrastructure of the village such that it is the envy of small rural communities. Part of the enhancement of the village was the design and creation of 15 historic plaques commemorating all aspects of the history of Port Morien. This project has done much to preserve our heritage. In addition, the Port Morien Development Association in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion produced a book in 2005 on Port Morien and area veterans called Morien Remembers. This book was designed and created at the Veteran’s Memorial C@P Site, the first C@P Site in a Legion in Canada.

Port Morien Development Association, therefore, has done much to preserve heritage along the Marconi Trail. It continued to value heritage by assisting with the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 55, in 2007, and the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scout Movement in North America, in 2008.  Currently, the Association is planning for further development of the community.

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