Port Morien Authors

Port Morien Authors

There are more authors per capita in Port Morien than in any other community in Cape Breton.

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Eleanor Anderson is a native of Homeville.

Thomas Bray (1932- ), retired educator living in Port Morien.

  • Port Morien Come Home Week Booklet, 1970 (Edited)
  • District 16 Cape Breton Centennial Booklet, 1979 (Edited)
  • Donkin-Morien High School Anniversary Reunion Souvenir Booklet, 1990 (edited)
  • Our Cape Breton Lobster – Famous the World Over, 1996
  • Growing Up in a Cape Breton Fishing, 2004
  • Humor and Local Characters In A Cape Breton Fishing Village, 2005
  • A Cape Breton Fishing Village Famous For Its Lobsters, Parties and Celebrations, 2006
  • H. Hopkins Ltd. 67 Years in the Fish Business, 2007
  • Humor in the Classroom, 2008

Lesley Crewe

C. Bruce Fergusson was the Nova Scotia Archivist and adjunct Professor of History at Dalhousie. a native of Port Morien, he was formerly a Rhodes Scholar.

  • Uniacke’s Sketches of Cape Breton, (Edited), 1958
  • Art in Nova Scotia, 1962

Donald Fergusson, a native of Port Morien, was Professor of Sociology at St. Mary’s University, Halifax.

  • The Hebredean Collection, 1974

Norman Fergusson, a native of Port Morien, was for several years President of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union.

  • A History of the N.S. Teachers’ Union, 1996

Barry Giovannetti, has written a number of poems to honour the memories that he has of Morien’s past.  To read them, please click here.

Ken MacDonald (1954- ), is an educator living in Port Morien.

  • A History of St. Mary’s and St. Gregory’s, 1989
  • Louisbourg, An 18th Century Town, (MacDonald et. al), 1991
  • Port Morien: Pages of the Past, UCCB Press, 1995.
  • Memories Etched in Gold: Gowrie School, 1950-2000 (Edited)
  • Bountiful Harvest: Fifty Years of the Port Morien Community Fair, (with text written by Ken MacDonald), 1996

Jacklynn MacKenzie

  • Reminiscences, 2000
  • All That is Dear to my Heart

Very Reverend Angus MacQueen (1915- ) has had a distinguished career as a cleric. He has been moderator of the United Church and Chancellor of Mount Allison University.

  • Superman is an Idiot (Sermons), Lancelot Press, 1976
  • Memory is My Diary (autobiography in two volumes) Lancelot Press, 1992

Leah Matheson (Frances) was a housewife and poet who wrote very touching poetry about Port Morien under the pen name Frances.

Read ‘Memories of Morien’ online

Clifford Orr (1915-1997), native of Port Morien, resident of Toronto.

  • Where Morien Meets the Sea. (Memoirs), 1996 (Available from Peach Tree Press)
  • From Morien Bay to the Humber River (poetry), 1993

Earle Peach (1915-1995), was a former educator from Homeville who worked in Quebec.

  • Memories of the Cape Breton Childhood, Nimbus, 1990

LeRoy Peach (1933- ), former educator; owner, Peach Tree Press, Port Morien. Phone (902) 737-5983.

  • Heartreign: (poetry) Lancelot Press, 1981
  • Pilgrims on This Shore: A History of the Anglican Church in Southeastern Cape Breton, Peach Tree Press, 1991
  • Cape Breton, My Cape Breton (poetry) Peach Tree Press, 1992
  • Lost Village: With a Biography of the Author, Dr. W.W. Patton, Peach Tree Press, 1995
  • Inlets of the Heart (poetry), UCCB Press, 1998
  • An Island in My Heart (newspaper columns), Peach Tree Press, 1999.
  • Memories Etched in Gold: Gowrie School, 1950-2000, (Edited)

Click here to read a selection of LeRoy’s poetry online.

LeRoy is also a proud contributor to the Cape Breton Post.  Click here to read his articles.

Lana Penny

  • Numerous articles for “The Cape Bretoner”
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