June, 2010

Port Morien Community Newsletter

Vol. 11, No. 6                                           June, 2010

Dear Folks:

We never cease to be amazed at our little elementary school in Port Morien; that’s the school with the nine lives, the one that successive boards slated for closure.

One visit restores one’s faith in human nature!

Your writer had the privilege of judging with others the heritage projects at the school again this year and he was impressed.

This year Gowrie sent three students to CBU: Olivia Curtis, with “Our Canadian Beaver”; Ellie Amadio, with “Maud Lewis”; and Rebecca Sibley, with “O Canada.” All three projects held their own.

Two former students of Gowrie were presented with “Awards of Excellence”; and only 12 of the 175 projects on display at CBU were presented with this honour. They were Kristin Mauger, of Grade 8, Donkin Junior High, for her project “Cape Breton Art” and Caitlyn Hopkins of the Grade 8, Whitney Pier Memorial, French immersion program for her project, “Joshua Slocum et Son Voyage.”

Wow! We are very proud of these students. Keep contributing to to this excellent Heritage Fair, students!!!

News from the Community

From the Legion:

*THE EILEEN SHEPARD BENEFIT DANCE takes place at the Legion, Saturday, June 5. Please give generously to this worthy cause.

*Retired Teachers’ dinner, June 3, 1 o’clock. Attention all Legion members: This is a legion fundraiser. If you are available, then we could use your assistance. Phone the bar on Wednesday for details.

GENEALOGY FAIR: The genealogy presentation is on August 2, from 1 p.m to 3.30 p.m. Genealogies will be confined to branches of families. We hope to have a computer present. The genealogies could be typed at the C@P site and we might have a photcopier for the day. There was also talk of putting genealogies on the Web. We could include historical items. There may be a power point. Anyone still interested in joining our group to present genealogy can still get in by calling Ken at 737-2985.

Morien Beautification:

If there are any volunteers out there who would like to assist with weeding or improving the medians or generally working to beautify Port Morien (we have equipment), please call Betty at 737-2394 or 737-2388.

From the Churches:

St Paul’s Anglican Parish of Port Morien is holding a LOBSTER TAKEOUT ON SATURDAY, JUNE 12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The price is $12.00 (in the shell or out of it; please specify). Advance orders by June 11. Call 737-5983, 737-2497 or 737-2759. This is a major fundraiser for the church.

From Morien Memories:

PLEASE NOTE WEBSITES AND EMAILS: Twitter, morienmemories@gmail.com; http://www.portmorien.ca. Morien Memories is also on Facebook.

*Here are needs which we are highlighting from the current minutes:

-We need flatbeds for the parade, NOTE THE NEW TIME: 6 O’CLOCK, July 29.
-We need volunteers to set things up for venues at the Legion,
Characters for the Summer People Festival, needed.
*We need historic artifacts for the Gowrie Heritage Day, July 31: Time of tea: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
*Note that the dessert tea will be held from 2-4 p.m.
On Wednesday, August 4, during picture display.

*CALENDAR: The 2011 calendar will be for sale at the celebrations. This calendar is now at the printers and contains beautiful scenes of Port Morien as well as historic pictures.

*There will be t-shirts and hoodies sold at MM. INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT HOPPER’S. Also, we have sample t-shirts and hoodies which you may try on. PRE-ORDER BY JUNE 13.

*PRINCESS TEA: An afternoon of “everything princess” will be held at the Legion on Saturday, July 31. The Princess Tea Party will feature games, craft activities, a parade of the princesses and a lunch fit for royalty.

Time: 2-4 p.m. Souvenir pictures will be taken starting at 12.30 p.m. Price $5.00

Pick up tickets at HOPPER’S or the LEGION or contact Yvonne Kennedy for more information at 737-5131.


From the Girl Guides:

*On May 15, 152 girls and Guiders from Coastal District travelled to Port Hawkesbury on four buses to attend Rally Day! The girls especially loved the dance session, making morse code bracelets and the closing campfire was led by four Coastal District Rangers, April Lynk, Samatha Bloise, Brittany Robinson and Beth Madore.

After a busy year, guiding activities are winding down. The Port Morien units will attend a closing at the ballfield on Sunday, June 6, at 2 p.m.

This summer four Port Morien Guiders will attend Guiding Mosaic in Guelph, Ontario as camp staff from July 8 to 17. Ashley Burke and Kathleen Jerrott will work on the security team; Elizabeth buffet, the health team and Mabelann Kosick will work in the Cyber Café. Guiding Mosaic is a national Girl Guide camp and this year the focus will be on the 100th Anniversary of Guiding in Canada.

Health Board Presentation:

The East Cape Breton Community Health Board will host the annual Spring Health Presentation at the Port Morien Legion on Tuesday, June 1, at 7 p.m. Plenty of prizes and each attendee will receive a special gift at the door. A nutritious lunch with be served. Free admission.

From the PMDA:

*Coastal Erosion: There will be a public meeting on Coastal Erosion at the Legion, June 8 at 7. ACAP Cape Breton will make a presentation. Everyone welcome, especially those who could end up in Morien Bay.

Next Meeting: June 9

*Special thanks to the person or persons who cleaned up the Sandbar. The Councillor has been asked to look into having the material carted away.


*The C@P Society has employed Sarah Nicholson to work in the computer Site: Hours: 8-4 daily.

*Still trying to determine why Barb and LeRoy’s cat, Bonnie, was missing for 5 days.

*Congrats to Jean and Laurie Lloyd on their 50th

*A special welcome to the village to Carmella and Dennis Muise who moved back home from Ontario.

+Condolences to the families of Mary Butts, Alan Fewer and Frank Boutilier. Rest eternal grant them, O Lord, and light perpetual shine upon them+

*A hearty THANK-YOU to all the residents of Port Morien whose volunteer efforts made our dinner theatre such a success this year


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