July, 2010

Port Morien Community Newsletter

Vol. 11, No. 7                                           July, 2010

Dear Folks:

We’ve planned a dandy program for MORIEN MEMORIES 2010.  We hope that you will be able to attend.

Throughout this newsletter, you will find tidbits about the festivities. In this note, we will emphasize items for sale:

*T-shirts and hoodies, at $10 and $25 respectively, are available at Hopper’s

*The MORIEN MEMORIES calendar is a beautiful memento that you will want to have.  Already, we have sold a significant number.  Order it from Hopper’s or the computer site. Don’t lose out. It costs $10 and will be available the first week of July.

*Gus MacDonald’s DVD “Reminders of Home,” will be sold at the Legion on August 1. It costs $25

Please note this: The GENEALOGY FAIR will be presented August 2 from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Morien and area families will be featured.  This fair could prove to be one of the highlights of   Morien Memories. The point man on displays and  presentations is Ken MacDonald. Those wishing to present genealogies of Morien and area families are welcome at a meeting July 13, at 7 p.m. at the Morien Legion.  Please call the computer site at 737-2559.

News from the Community

From the C@P Site:

*This summer there are a number of exciting programs available at the C@P Site!  Both kids and adults will have the opportunity to gain more computer skills, through workshops for children and a beginner seniors’ cyber course.  Registration is limited for these events.  Please call Sarah at 737-2559 for more information.

*Also, please note that if you have any specific questions about the computer, including how to use Facebook, Skype, E-mail or MSN Messenger, feel free to call and schedule a one-on-on session created to suit your needs.

This year C@P DAY will be held on July 15th.  Stay tuned for more news about what’s happening!

Remember that the C@P Site is now open Monday-Friday, 8-4.  Please drop in!

From the Legion:

*The Legion is offering a SCHOLARSHIP  valued at $500.00 in memory of Gordon Dillon, as well as bursaries.  These are  open to current year high school graduates or students presently attending university or community college.  Applications to the Legion Bar or Hopper’s by July 21.


From Morien Memories:

*PLEASE NOTE WEBSITES AND EMAILS: @Port_Morien on Twitter, PortMorien.ca morienmemories@gmail.com, and the Facebook group.

*If anyone has flatbeds that they would be willing to use for the parade, please contact a member of the Morien Memories Committee.  As of right now, there is a shortage.

*During the celebration there will be many events going on at the Legion, and set-up is going to have to be quick.  Anyone willing to volunteer for set-up would be greatly appreciated.

*We need historic artifacts for the Gowrie Heritage Day, July 31.  If you have any class photos or other memorabilia, please consider lending it to this event.

*Note that the dessert tea will be held from 2-4 p.m.
On Wednesday, August 4, during the picture display that is being held at the Legion.

*The Committee is in need of life jackets in order to run the harbour tours.  If anyone has any that could be used on that day, please contact a Morien Memories Committee member.

-Please note that if anyone from out of town would like to order a calendar, we have made shipping available for a small fee of $3.  Please contact Sarah at 737-2559 for more information.

*We are proud to announce the the Donkin Citizens’ Brass Band will be playing at the Town Square prior to the parade.  What an excellent opportunity to hear this magnificent group!

*PRINCESS TEA: An afternoon of “everything princess” will be held at the Legion on Saturday, July 31. The Princess Tea Party will feature games, craft activities, a parade of the princesses and a lunch fit for royalty.

This event will take place from 2-4 pm. Souvenir pictures will be taken starting at 12.30 p.m. The cost of the tea is $5.00.

Pick up tickets at HOPPER’S  or the LEGION  or contact Yvonne Kennedy for more information at 737-5131.


Please note that the festival will run from July 24 to August 7. We will have lots of visitors this year so it is important to remember your characters,

From the PMDA:

*The issue of Coastal Erosion will be followed up with the DOT and DNR, as well  as our MLA. A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 29, with a beach expert from the DNR in Truro. He will arrive at the Legion at 1 p.m. Any citizens who are interested in discussing the Sandbar may join the discussion.

*Please Note: June is the month for cleaning up the village.  During this season of celebration, we hope everyone will beautify their properties and cut the medians in from of their houses.

*THANK YOU: Thanks to all those who pre-ordered their t-shirts and hoodies!


*Congrats to Karla Bray, both on her graduation from Dalhousie University and her acceptance to their Law program.  What a feat!  Good luck to you, Karla.

*Welcome home wishes to Paul and Catherine Miller!

*Congratulations to Hannah Kosick, who has been awarded a dance scholarship.

*We are proud that past Gowrie students are doing so well!  Congrats to those at WPM, St. Mikes, and Donkin who achieved honor roll status!

*John Green of the DOT received an award for his years of promoting safety in the community.  Congratulations!

*Get well wishes to Cyril Wadden and Charlie Butts.

*Congratulations to Jenna Spencer and her horse Riley on their showmanship award.

*A big thank you to Kristen Mauger and family for their work on the new banners;   also to Aliant’s Bob MacDonanld  and Kevin Hashem for hanging them.

*Please remember that your recylables defray the consider cost of this newsletter. Thank you.


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