April, 2010

Port Morien Community Newsletter

Vol. 11, No. 6                                           April, 2010


Dear Folks:

The Port Morien Development Association put the topic of coast erosion on its agenda last month because erosion recently along the coast has been significant.

Several people have had an opportunity to look at the erosion which has occured next to properties on Peach Street.  As well, there has been significant erosion along the Sandbar Road as a result of a storm surge in January of last year.

The local sandbar has taken a big hit, too.  in fact, there are fears that if there is another storm surge, then highway 255 will be compromised at the entrace to the bar.  Flooding will occur.  The secretary of the association has been in contact with ACAP and they are willing to come to a meeting of the community.  Out of our discussion at our next PMDA get together on April 14, we hope to set a date for a community meeting.

Another topic to be discussed at that meeting will be an action plan for saving our sandbar.  Anyone who has seen the sandbar recently will notice that the road at the entrance has almost been obliterated.  As well, there is significant debris.  A proposal will need to be submitted to the DNR containing a plan for conserving our sandbar.  Input is encouraged from everybody.

News From the Community

From the Legion:

*URGENT! The Legion plans to renovate the cenotaph, hopefully before Morien Memories. As part of the renovations, we are asking the relatives and children of First and Second World War veterans, as well as veterans of the Korean War, especially from Birch Grove and Mira, to submit the names of veterans for a cenotaph plaque.  If your relative has already been included in the 2005 book Morien Remembers, then we do not need the name. We hope to collect all the names by April 10. Please called Ron Peach at 737-2292 or Dougie at 737-2559. Once again: Submit only the names that we do not have.

*Special thanks to everyone who performed at and attended Pub Night on St. Pat’s day. It was a huge success  and a great fundraiser for the Legion.

*There will be a dance at the Legion on April 17, with music by Shy Guy. Members and guests.

From the Computer Site:

It is not possible at this time to offer courses at the computer site. However, there will be someone at the site every morning of the week for anyone who wishes to drop in. When we acquire students this summer, we shall be able to offer courses. If any organization needs work done by the computer site, then contact LeRoy Peach, 737-5983.


A data base of everyone in Port Morien, Long Beach, Birch Grove Road, Homeville and Wadden’s Cove areas  has been compiled.  If anyone has emails and addresses of relatives that they wish to submit to the computer site, please contact LeRoy Peach at 737-5983. We will send them the Morien Memories info.

From the Port Morien Players:

Once more the PMP have a winner in the fast-paced  farce Let’s Murder Marsha. A happy housewife called Marsha, who is hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries, overhears her husband discussing with an interior decorator  her upcoming birthday surprise. To her ears, it sounds as though they are planning to murder her. She tries to turn the tables on them. From there, it is pure havoc!!!

Dates: Dress rehearsal only on April 28, pay at the door; dinner theatre April 29 to May 1. Tickets $25 each. The meal is roast beef. Note the time: 6.30 p.m.


From Morien Memories:

*PLEASE NOTE WEBSITES AND EMAILS: Twitter, morienmemories@gmail.com; http://www.portmorien.ca. Morien Memories is also on Facebook. You will find updates on MM by accessing those addresses.

*The final schedule for MM will be available on April 1.

*Here are needs which we are highlighting from the current minutes:

-We need flatbeds for the parade
-We need volunteers to set things up for venues at the Legion
-We need lots of characters for the Summer People Festival, which will run at the same time.
– We need the addresses and emails of former residents of Port Morien.

*We need historic artifacts for the Gowrie Heritage Day.

*The Genealogy Fair  will  be confined to families living or who lived in the Morien area. For information: 737-2985

*The PMDA is producing a calendar, with pictures taken mainly by the Camera Club. This will be a collector’s item.

*There will be t-shirts and sweaters sold at MM. The information for ordering will be provided at the end of March.

*LEGION DANCE TICKETS: Here are the instructions for purchasing the Morien Memories Legion Dance tickets. 1. Anyone serving on the MM Committee or is a member of the Legion may purchase two tickets only on April 10 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Whether you serve on the committee or you belong to the Legion, you will be entitled to two tickets only. On April 17, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. anyone may purchase initially two tickets and then you may go back to the end of the line and purchase two more tickets until you have the requisite number of tickets that you need. In that way, everyone will be treated equally.  Each ticket is $10.00

From the Girl Guides:

*SPRING COOKIE BLITZ: A sign that Spring is here is the arrival of Girl Guide cookies. The girls will be doing a COOKIE BLITZ in Port Morien, Tuesday, April 6, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This year you will notice a new box to commemorate 100 years of Guiding. Cookies sell for $4.00 a box . If you miss the girls on April 6, or they miss you, call 737-2534 to place your order. Your support is appreciated.

From the Churches:


Anglican Parish of Port Morien:
April 2: Good Friday, St. Luke’s, BGB, 11 a.m; April 3: Holy Saturday, St. Luke’s, BGB, 7 p.m.; April 4: Easter Sunday, St. Paul’s, 11:15 a.m.

St. John’s/St. Luke’s United:
Maudy Thursday, St. Luke’s combined, 6 p.m; Good Friday, St John’s combined, 10 a.m.; Easter Sunday, St. Luke’s combined at 11.15 a.m.

Medley of Song: On Sunday, April 18 there will be a evening of song  at St. John’s at 7, with special guests. Lunch will follow.

RUMMAGE SALE: There will be a rummage sale and bake sale in St. John’s church basement April 24,  starting at 10 a.m. Phone 737-2755 or -1385 with donations in good condition.

FISH CAKES AND BEANS: On Friday April 16  there will be a fish cakes and beans TAKEOUT at St. Paul’s Anglican Hall from 11.00 a.m. to 1 p.m.. The price is $8.00. For orders, call 737-5983 or 737-2579.

From the PMDA:

The PMDA is pleased to announce that this village will have a tourist kiosk by August, hopefully. The kiosk will contain pictures of the area, brochures and other information for the touris. For easy access,  it  will be situated in the parking lot of the Legion. It will be a permanent  structure.  Our village is the only rural one to receive a kiosk. All of the others will be situated in urban areas.

Dates for April:

March 27: Dance, music by Shy Guy
April 4: Easter Sunday
April 13: Legion Meeting
April 14: PMDA Meeting
April 16: Fish Cakes & Beans Takeout
April 17: Dance, Legion, Music by Shy Guy
April 28-May 1: Dinner Theatre

Special Meetings:

Bingo: Every Monday evening.        
Firehall: Every Sunday at 7 p.m.
Sparks: Every Tuesday, 6:30, Legion
Brownies: Every Tuesday, 6:00, St. Paul’s
Girl Guides: Every Tuesday, Firehall, 6:00 p.m. Pathfinders: Every Wed, Firehall, 6:00 p.m.
Rangers: Every Monday, Firehall, 6.00 p.m.
Wildlife: 3rd Wed. of month, Legion, 7:00
Mason’s: First Wednesday,   7:00 p.m.
Ladies Auxiliary Firehall: First Sunday, 7 pm
St. Paul’s Parish Council: First Wednesday
St. Paul’s Guild: Every 2nd Thurs., 7:30 p.m.
Homeville Women’s Inst.: Every 3rd  Tuesday, 7
Gowrie Home and School:  Wed.,. 7 p.m.
PMDA: Firehall, 2nd Wednesday of month, 7.
St. John’s UCW: First Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

Special Notes:

*Congratulations to Tom MacDonald on his 80th birthday and many happy returns to Edna MacDonald on her birthday.

*Congrats to the Regional finalists of the Canspell contest: Rebecca Sibley, Breagh Clements, Jarrad MacLeod, and Madison Vokey, all of Donkin-Gowrie Complex.

*Dock Y’ur Dory will open this year on May 1. We welcome the good news.



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