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Morien Memories Princess Tea

The Port Morien Princess Tea looks as though it’s going to be a huge success, as tickets have almost sold out!  Since it is by ticket only, if you are interested in having your princess attend, please buy tickets at Hopper’s or by contacting Yvonne Kennedy or Myrna Murphy.

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Update: July Newsletter

Please note that the July newsletter has been uploaded to our website.  Click here to view it.

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“Reminders of Morien”

Gus MacDonald, a former resident of Port Morien, recently returned in order to spend time with old friends, take in the beauty of the land that he had left, and create a video project about the place he loves so dearly.
This documentary, entitled “Reminders of Morien,” will be shown on August 1, as part of Morien Memories.  The DVD of the film will be available for sale at that time.

Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to take in a piece of our village!

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“Fun Fun Fun” by David Peach

Click here to listen to the fantastic song, Fun Fun Fun, by David Peach.

Port Morien’s homegrown talent will never cease to amaze the world!

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Morien Memories Merchandise

The Morien Memories Committee has designed t-shirts and hoodies that will be for sale for the celebrations this summer.  Please note that these are available for pre-order before June 13, by phoning Lisa (Clements) Nicholson at (902) 737-1428, at a cost of $10 and $25 respectively (with plus sizes available for an extra $3).  The apparel, which will be navy with a white design, is available for sizing at Hoppers.

You should also note that the Port Morien Development Association is developing a calendar that will feature scenes of Port Morien, as well as some historic photos.  The price has yet to be determined.

Gus MacDonald has also prepared on a documentary on the village, to be shown on August 1 at 2 p.m., which will be on sale for $25.

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Update: Community Newsletter

Please note that the community newsletter for the month of June has been posted.  It can be found here.

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Morien Memories Brochure

Click to see full-size.

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Morien Memories, Final Schedule

The final, official schedule for this year’s Morien Memories has been released.  Please take the time to check it by clicking here.

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Morien Memories Update

The full, detailed schedule of events will be posted soon.

On this past Sunday, February 22, the Morien Memories Committee met once again to work on planning the  week-long event that will be taking place in the village this summer.

There are several events that the Committee would like to bring to the public’s attention.

First, if anyone has pictures of Gowrie School classes, please contact the school at (902)737-2626 or Paulette MacDougall at (902)737-2286 or by e-mail at capers(at) .  These photos will be used in an open house that will be held at the school on Saturday, July 31.  Heritage Projects and artwork will be on display, as well as pictures of the construction of the school and the minute books of the Home and School Association. There will also be a room set aside for the Girl Guides and the Boy Scouts to display artifacts.   Tea and cookies will be available in the morning at the modest fee of $2.00.

Secondly, please note that there will be a Princess Tea held at the Legion on that same day.  Volunteers will be needed to help with setting up and decorating for the event.  Please contact a member of the Morien Memories Committee if you are willing to help.

The Genealogy Fair, which will be held at the Legion on Monday, August 2, still has room for extra participants.  If you are interested in getting involved with the fair and presenting information about your roots, please contact Ken MacDonald for more information.  The fair will be focused on families from the Port Morien area.

Finally, the tickets for the Morien Memories Dance will become available during late March.   Legion members and committee members may purchase two tickets (for one couple) in advance, followed by sales to the general public.   They will cost $10.00 each, and a maximum of 8 per person can be purchased with money provided upon pick-up.  Tickets will be sold for upstairs and downstairs seating, to maximum possible attendance.

If there are any questions concerning Morien Memories, please feel free to use the comment feature on this post to voice them.

See you in July!

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Morien Memories 2010

Morien Memories will be taking place this summer from July 29-August 4.  Take this wonderful opportunity to take a trip “home” and reconnect with old friends and family.

Click here for the tentative schedule!

Click here to join the Morien Memories Facebook group!

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